Monday, August 27, 2012

Why I love Linux Backbox OS

I'm a new user of Linux,It was introduce to me many times by some of my friends and also when I was a student, even my uncle bought me a book to study it , but I was not interested during that time.
When I attended a wedding of one of my closes friend, I met a person who is an IT graduate, he keeps on talking about Linux for an hour and keeps on telling me to try using it, I was not convinced at first but when he told me that there is a certain school somewhere in Consolacion Cebu that teaches Linux for free so I said to my self why not give it a try.
So I went to INFORMATICS Consolacion branch  to enrolled my self to that program, so when our Instructor began to introduced Linux to us, as our class continued I was so amazed and very excited to learn more, so I try to read and search more about Linux.
After researching I found out about BackBox Linux and from then I started to use it until now. Everyday the feeling of excitement is there of what I can learn more and discover about Linux, because even now I know I have much to learn I'm still belong to the newbie user.
Why I loved Linux not just because it is an open source, I mean not all of it but most of it,  but because most of the things that I love to learn or master are their like programming languages and in terms of server I can say Linux is the best and even big companies are using Linux it because of the Security of it. There are Advantages and Disadvantages of Linux between Windows and these are:
Advantages of Linux:
  • Cost – The most obvious advantage of using Linux as what I have mention above is the fact that it is free to obtain, and compare it to Microsoft that it is needed to be a license for you to use it.and also it should be installed on a single computer, whereas a Linux distribution can be installed on any number of computers, without paying a single dime.
  • Security – So far as what I have learned about Linux it is 100% safe or free from any Virus or Malware. No need to spend extra money for virus protection software. The Linux operating system has been created since 1994 and has managed to stay secure from viruses, spyware and malware for all these years.  
  • Freedom – You can design or even modify the environment on Linux that is the reason why they are many version of Linux out there.
  • Software - In terms of Documentation like office, it is also free to download. There are so many software choices when it comes to doing any specific task. 
  • Hardware - Linux is perfect for those old computers with barely any processing power or memory you have sitting in your garage or basement collecting dust. Install Linux and use it as a Firewall, a file server

, or a backup server. There are endless possibilities. Old 386 or 486 computers with barely any RAM run Linux without any issue. Good luck running Windows on these machines and actually finding a use for them. No need to have a powerful computer to run Linux, and also no need to worry in terms of the drivers because it will help you download the drivers of your system.
Disadvantages of Linux:
  • Understanding – Becoming familiar with the Linux operating system requires patience as well as a strong learning curve. You must have the desire to read and figure things out on your own, rather than having everything done for you. Check out the 20 must read howto’s and guides for Linux.

  • Compatibility – Because of its free nature, Linux is sometimes behind the curve when it comes to brand new hardware compatibility. Though the kernel contributors and maintainers work hard at keeping the kernel up to date, Linux does not have as much of a corporate backing as alternative operating systems. Sometimes you can find third party applications, sometimes you can’t.
  • Alternative Programs – Though Linux developers have done a great job at creating alternatives to popular Windows applications, there are still some applications that exist on Windows that have no equivalent Linux application. Read Alternatives to Windows Applications to find out some of the popular alternatives.

  • So these are the reason why I love Linux, now that you have an understanding of some of the advantages of Linux, its time get out there and experiment. Windows can be a great tool for the lazy and incompetent, but it takes a true scholar and one who wants to learn to run a robust operating system like Linux.